From the office to the gym

If you haven’t figured out already, I’ve decided to ditch the 30 days of blogging challenge. I felt it was too long of a stretch straying from my blog’s main purpose which is fashion. But, I still think it’s an awesome challenge so be sure to keep following along.

Now, back to the fashion… do you remember these lovely black pants from Forever 21? I styled them here a couple weeks ago with a black T-shirt and floral blazer.

black pants

Well, today I pulled them out again for work. But I’m still trying to figure out how exactly to style these. I loved my first look, but of course, I didn’t want to wear the same thing again. So, I dug through my closet, flipping through all the clothes. I grabbed out a blue button-up, put it on, tucked it in. Nope. Took it off and tried a ruffle top with a cardigan. Nope. Finally, I tried a slim tank top and paired it with long sleeve cardigan. It wasn’t perfect, but it worked and being that I’d spent so much time changing, I needed to get out the door and get to work. Throughout the day, I kept stopping by the mirror and examining the outfit. It looked cute from some angles, but I wasn’t sold.

So, when I got home from work I quickly changed into a comfy Shirt 4 Life T-shirt (proceeds go toward treatment for children in Africa suffering from HIV) and my New Balance kicks. Perfect!

_MG_8536The comfy casual look is perfect, and it even works with my signature messy hair. I love how these pants can transition not just from day to night, but from work to the gym. They’re like sweat pants when paired with sneakers and chic dress pants when paired with heels. I can’t wait to style them even more ways.

How would you style them?


Primp yourself

OK, so this update is coming a tad later than promised, but I have some exciting news for all of you. As you know, I’ll be moving to the Twin Cities at the end of the month. You might also know that I’m pursuing my life long dream to start my own publication. But what you don’t know and what I didn’t know until last Friday is how I would sustain myself financially. But, I finally got a job and it’s an awesome one too.

I’ll be working as a stylist at Primp. There are currently four locations around the Twin Cities, but I’ll be working in the brand new location opening soon in Excelsior. As a stylist, I will do everything from helping customers in the store to helping manage the store’s social media sites, to designing store displays and window displays.

If you’re an old follower, you might remember how much I loved working at Camy Couture in Fargo, and I’m just as, if not more, excited to work at Primp.

Some might think I’m stupid for getting out of my field, and I might be. But, I’m looking at this as an opportunity to get into the fashion industry and to make the right connections to start my style publication. Plus, I’ll have plenty of time and energy to focus on my publication and long term freelance stories for magazines.

Here’s a few things I love about Primp:
• The clothes are absolutely gorgeous and reasonably priced.
• All locations are dog friendly. Woof!
• They are all about volunteering and they stress the importance of community involvement.
• They are very active on social media with daily posts of outfits.
• And, they listen to every employers’ opinions and ideas, whether they are co-owner, manager or stylist.

Favorite style of blogging

Today’s prompt: favorite style of blogging.

My favorite style of blogging involves both photographs and text. It involves a combination of personal stories that make the blogger relatable and useful advice or tips the readers can apply to their own lives. I like blogs about life, style, fashion, family and design.

Some of my favorite blogs include:
Being Zhenya
Single Dad Laughing
Wild Ruffle
Two Birds
Blonde Bedhead
Delightfully Tacky

On another note, I attended the Greater Grand Forks Young Professionals ArtSee event at The Empire Arts Center this Friday and bought my first pieces of artwork.

I love this painting “Winter in Central Park” by Courtney Jacob. She has some beautiful paintings of flowers but this one stole my heart.


I interviewed Minneapolis-based artist Michelle Brusegaard over the phone for a story a while back, and I was super excited to finally meet her in person. She has some amazing artwork that incorporates journal entries, and I snagged these two awesome pieces.


Aren’t they lovely? I’m so excited to hang them in my new home once I move to Crystal, Minnesota.

Check back tomorrow for an exciting update on what I’ll be doing!

Expectations v. reality


Today’s prompt: Did you ever see yourself doing what you do today?

Writing? Yes. Working for a newspaper? Maybe. Interviewing stars of MTV and country artists? Surprisingly, yes. Writing about fashion? Yes. Attending fancy art exhibitions and auctions? No. Doing what I love? Absolutely.

Leaving an amazing job that I love to pursue my true dream? Not exactly.

Nothing turns out exactly the way you picture it or imagine it as a kid, high school student or even college student. But, that’s the fun of it all. If we knew exactly how our life was going to turn out and exactly what we’d be doing down the road, there wouldn’t be any excitement for the future.

10 years?


Today’s prompt: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A month ago or so I would have happily answered this question with a lengthy reply about my dream to start my own company, move to Chicago and travel around the world.

But, lately, I’ve been trying to get myself out of the future and into the present. I often find myself fantasizing and day dreaming about my future, where I’ll be, who I’ll be with and what I’ll be doing with my life. And, I have to say I love it. It gets me excited about life and pumped about my future.

But, it also takes away so much of my time. Time that could be spent actually doing, doing the things that will help me get to that future. So, I’ve made some goals for my future, written them down to glance back at every now and then to remind myself of the dream, but I’m doing my best to leave it at that. I’m living in the moment, in the here and now, enjoying every second of life because as much as we plan for the future it isn’t guaranteed.

On another note, I am looking forward to spring, and the spring weather is finally here or at least on its way.


This weekend I got all decked out in My new favorites from Forever 21: a beautiful blue cutout maxi skirt, a blue floral print crop top, a gold flower statement necklace and my lined denim jacket. I finished the look with my all-time favorite lace Seychelles wedges. And, I think this is my new favorite look for spring and summer 2014!