Day 16: Wet Wednesday

For day 16 of the Style Inspires Poetry Challenge, I planned on wearing my fuchsia top with my white eyelet jacket and my black ballet flats. That was until I looked out the window and saw snow … again. Big fluffy, wet flakes were falling from the sky, making the puddles in the street, in the parking lot and every where else even bigger than they already were.

Day 16-2

So, instead of my nice business casual look, I opted for my comfy green sweater and my cognac boots. My boots are the only shoes of my 30 items that I dare wear outside when the weather is like this. I don’t want to soak and dirty up my cream oxfords or lace wedges or chance it slipping in my black oxford pumps and wind up soaking my whole outfit. As for my black ballet flats, well, we’ll save those for a dryer day as well. I really beginning to think it’s time to purchase some rain boots. What do you think?

Day 16


A poem inspired by moving and that sad, awful feeling you get when you’re sitting in an empty, furniture-less apartment all by yourself:

The bare wood floor
that was once welcoming
in a new apartment,
now brought tears to my eyes.

The place against the wall
where the couch had sat
was now empty, along with
the walls that just a few hours ago
had held our memories.

The kitchen drawer was no longer
full of mismatched silverware,
but instead held
just one lonely set.

The cupboards of plastic plates
were now barren aside from the
top shelf of abandoned dishes
I hadn’t noticed until now.

I walked to my room,
sat on the corner of my bed
and slowly rocked myself back and forth
as I looked out my bedroom door
across the empty space that
was once our kitchen
to the bathroom, which now held
nothing but a garbage can.

In that moment,
it all hit me, like that time
I was so caught up, listening to a joke,
that I didn’t see the soccer goal
until it hit me square in the face.
Except, this time,
I wasn’t laughing at the end.

Day 15: Lazing in lace

For day 15 of the Style Inspires Poetry Challenge, I had almost nothing planned. Since I didn’t plan on leaving the apartment, I thought it was perfectly reasonable to wear capris. I paired them with my nude camisole and maroon lace top.


I spent the day cleaning, packing and writing. It’s crazy to think that I’ll be out of this apartment by the end of the week and completely done with school in exactly one month. I got an email from Melinda, the features editor at The Grand Forks Herald, today asking exactly when I would start; it’s now official, I’m starting my new job as a features reporter for Accent on May 20. Sending the email made me start thinking about my first day, and I got a little nervous.

Day 15

However, I’m happy to say that I’m more excited than nervous. Once I accepted the position, I started jotting down ideas for the section in a little notebook. They aren’t all the most brilliant ideas, but at least it’s getting me thinking and brainstorming topics I could potentially cover.

I’ve been looking everywhere for inspiration lately and realized it’s people who inspire me the most, so today I wrote a poem about a random bartender. It’s crazy how many people cross our paths daily that go unnoticed. I guess you could say this poem is somewhat inspired by the poem “Some People” by Rolf Jacobsen (you should check it out – it’s a good one!).

He wears faded old blue jeans,
a solid gray thermal and a plastic
blue Avengers mask over his face.

It’s “Tax Day” they say,
“that’s why everyone’s wearing
red, white and blue.”

I’m sipping a long island, trying
to make the connection between
The Avengers and taxes.

Staring across the bar, I find myself
lost in my thoughts but suddenly I snap
back to reality and for a split second

our eyes meet.
They’re small, dark brown beads.
I wonder ‘what’s his story’ but walk away.

Day 14: Searching for a sign

For day 14 of the Style Inspires Poetry Challenge, I wore my leggings with a comfy tee for a chill early afternoon working on a story. It was just a comfy look for staying inside on a cold, wet day.

day 14

I love this vibrant blue top! It’s so unbelievably comfortably and can be styled up or down for a night or a chill day at home. It’s the perfect basic tee.


DAY ?On another note, I can’t wait until the weather warms up, so I can bust out that vibrant yellow dress! I don’t know about you, but I’m praying for some sunshine, people!




For the NaPoWriMo challenge today, I am sharing a snippet of a little poem I’m working on.

It seems I’m always searching for some kind of clue,
Something that will tell me where to go or what to do.
I’m not looking for advice or asking for a hand.
More like a chalk arrow or a letter in the sand
Some supernatural sign to show me where I’m supposed to be.
Instead of second-guessing, there’d be some guarantee.

Day 12 & Day 13: Wishing for warmer weather

For day 12 of the Style Inspires Poetry Challenge, I was really hoping for warm weather. Saturday was full of sunshine, so I threw on a super comfy outfit for driving and moving. Leggings, a comfy tank and vest were the perfect combination! Yes, I did it – don’t hate me.

Day 12-3

Since I was just driving and moving my stuff all day (and not really out in public), I decided it would be O.K. to wear leggings as pants.

Day 12-1

Although the sleeveless top didn’t last long when the temperatures dropped, I loved this look and know I’ll be wearing it again in the future. However, next time I’ll wait until it’s a little warmer outside.

For day 13, I was once again being a little too hopeful. I put on these bright pants and a tank top, wishing the weather would be nice. Unfortunately, I live in the midwest and winter just doesn’t want to go away. I made it about 10 feet out my apartment door with these flats on before turning back around to go get my black boots.

Day 13

We got about 10 inches of snow between last night and this morning, and I’m really hoping that’s the last of it. Maybe my little poem about spring will bring the warm weather!


I swap my dark wool pea coat for a light North Face jacket,
My black suede boots for a pair of nude peep-toe pumps,
and my signature gray cardi for a vibrant yellow mini-dress.

My night workout on the treadmill is happily replaced with a long run in the park.
My frantic walk to the class becomes a joyful stroll through campus.
And my, once stuffy, drive in my Cobalt becomes my favorite part of the day.

My hand no longer clings to the steering wheel; instead, it hangs freely waving in the wind.
The stereo no longer plays the sad lyrics of Adele, but blasts Katy Perry’s “California Gurls.”
And the mounds of snow slowly melt, turning into scattered puddles in the street.

It is my favorite time of the year.



Day 11: Glittery gold & comfy card

For day 11 of the Style Inspires Poetry Challenge, I knew I had to work so I decided to finally wear this glittery gold top from Limited. Paired with jeans and a blue cardigan, it made the perfect look for a casual Friday at the bank.

Day 11-1

I never would have paired with glittery gold top with a comfy blue cardigan, but when I realized I didn’t include a black blazer or cardigan in my 30 items, I had to. I have to say, I love how it looks.

Day 11

I love how the 30×30 challenges force me to break out of my “comfort zone” and try new pairings. I’m really expanding and getting the most out of my wardrobe.


On another note: How do you like the new banner?

For the NaPoWriMo challenge today, I’m sharing another one of my poems from poetry class. This one was inspired by a painting of an eerie forest.

Lost in an eerie woods

The sun shines through the trees
on a warm muggy day.
Running through the shadowed woods,
the mosquitoes swarm my body.

I run faster trying to escape,
but fallen branches cause me to stumble.
In my mind, one turns into a snake
I jump to my feet, letting out a scream.

I’m running faster and faster now.
My breath stolen from me.

I start to panic.
in an eerie woods
as the sun begins to set.

The trees become sharp dark shapes
closing in all around me,
the ground, a bed of snakes.

My heart leaps out of my chest,
as a large branch catches my foot,
launching me into the air.

I squeeze my eyes tightly closed
and drift off to another world.